Enviro-One-Energy Solutions

Sustainable and renewable alternatives to grid supplied electricity are essential options for African energy users where either no grid exists or the reliability and costs are no longer favourable. We are collaborating with leading system suppliers to offer the appropriate alternatives in African households, commercial and industrial facilities where the total life cycle costs are substantially lower than current practices with enhanced sustainability benefits contributing to the Circular Economy.


The health care sector is one of the founding pillars of a healthy and vibrant community. This sector is a rapidly growing one in the Emerging Markets and is well known for its ever increasing volumes of waste generated. The HCRW (Health Care Risk Waste) are priority wastes requiring harnessing and responsible treatment and disposal without affecting the health of the population around us. Consequently, new approaches embracing as much non-burn technologies are being phased in globally. What is not the global trend in this sector is to minimise the collection of HCRW for subsequent treatment at centralised facilities; this high carbon, high cost and high risk approach is being completely revolutionised by Enviro-One-Med-Energy. In addition, the production of RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) after non-thermal treatment of HCRW is our approach as opposed to ash that is landfilled generally after a burn-technology (such as incineration with little if any energy recovery) is favoured as it maximises the energy recovery whilst minimising if not avoiding landfilling all together where the ash from the RDF is used in construction materials for example as the ash constituents are all required in building materials of all sorts.

Enviro-One-Med-Energy has access to alternative medical waste destruction technology/machinery for batch loads of up to 500 litres per load representing some 50 kg/hr with typical treatment costs of USD 0.05/kg We are now able to satisfy larger volumes typical for semi-decentralised/regional facilities for 100 kg/hr to 400 kg/hr with typical treatment costs of USD 0.02/kg with continuous treatment systems. In addition to this leading sterilisation technology we are now also able to offer conversion options for the sterilised HCRW whereby we can convert to various fuels and petrochemical raw materials using non-burn technology resulting in ZERO residue to landfill. This approach also effectively lowers the effective treatment cost of the HCRW to ZERO or very close to ZERO due to the very low running costs and off-take revenues. The anatomical and pharmaceutical components of the HCRW stream, anywhere between 2% to 4% of the total stream require thermal treatment via incineration which Enviro-One-Med-Energy is also able to satisfy. Additional developments in this area will be brought to market soon by Enviro-One-Med-Energy. Enviro-One-Med-Energy’s drive is to offer the sector the conversion of its wastes into reusable materials with the lowest possible carbon footprint in a sustainable manner whilst being the most affordable option available too.


The remediation of various specific hazardous wastes either stockpiled or generated on frequent basis offers finality to the waste generator. In Emerging Markets all too often no sustainable (where landfill is not classified as sustainable) waste treatment and/or remediation facilities exist, this is where Enviro-One-Remediation has access to specific technologies for the remediation of asbestos of all types at very competitive rates where the end product is reused as a construction material hence obviating costly transport and any landfill.


We specialise in the following consulting services in the environmental sector:

  • Pre-Feasibilities, Feasibilities and Project Management Services for Waste to Energy projects using Anaerobic and Aerobic Digestion, Autoclaving, Thermal Depolymerisation, Incineration up to Advanced Thermal technologies
  • Hazardous Waste feasibilities studies for the Healthcare , Mining, Petrochemical, Food & Beverage and Power Generation sectors
  • Transaction Advisory services for Waste Management Projects in the Public and Private sectors
  • Advisory services for the Water sector
  • EPCM services for the Water, Waste and Waste to Energy sectors
Enviro-One-Custom Solutions

We offer custom solutions where our other technologies are not appropriate and the only option is to ship the hazardous waste to European accredited treatment and disposal facilities strictly in accordance with the Basel Convention requirements. In conjunction with selected partners we are able to project manage from the waste generator to the final treatment and disposal facility on a turnkey basis.


The Biological treatment of various wastes are a growing cost effective solution globally. Enviro-One in maintaining its leading position is this arena has access to leading edge Aerobic and Anaerobic Digestion technologies.